Saturday, 5 January 2019

New Beginnings.

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. 

Some of you may remember me from my previous blogging venture - my blog "Loved by Sarah". I stopped blogging in August 2017, after struggling to dedicate the time to my blog, and ultimately, falling out of love with it. I was working crazy hours, had no time whatsoever and was in a pretty bad place, so sadly my blog was left on the backseat, unloved. That's all changed now - I have a new job, which I love, a lot more free time, a new-found love for travel and a lot more motivation. 

So why not go back to Loved by Sarah? To be honest, I wanted a completely fresh start. As much as I  loved my old blog and had built it up over the years, I was a very different person back then, as I'd just rather start fresh. I would have changed the name of my blog anyway, so it made sense to me just to start a new one - a blank canvas!

So, you can expect a variety of content from me - ranging from beauty reviews, lifestyle, travel posts and the occasion fashion edit too. I have so many ideas, and I cant wait to see where this blog takes me.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and a massive thanks for reading! Keep up to date with my latest posts & what I'm up to by following me on Twitter and Instagram.

Love Sarah x

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